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At Current Financial, we know that securing the appropriate financing is vital to ensuring your company’s growth and sustainability. Founded by entrepreneurs, our team understands the unique needs and challenges of today’s business owners, and are proud to offer custom solutions to help you achieve your objectives.

heavy equipment financing
heavy equipment financing


Simple, Straight-Forward, Fast.

From working capital loans to equipment financing, refinancing, and consolidation, Current Financial is your ideal partner for success. Our team of experts makes the process of finding the best solutions for your needs easy. Why? We understand one important element that lenders often forget.


Financing is NOT one size fit all.

No two businesses are the same, meaning that cookie cutter solutions often don’t work and can create additional stress for owners. At Current, our goal is to form a close relationship with a customer, beginning with an honest dialogue about your needs and expectations. Once everyone is aligned, our financing experts will use the data to compile a comprehensive solution and will present you with a terms sheet that clearly lays out a path forward. With the client’s approval, both parties can then move forward with confidence, giving you quick access to the capital you need.

heavy equipment financing
heavy equipment financing


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Securing business funding doesn’t need to be a burden. Working with Current Financial gives you access to a vast selection of resources and financing options.

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We are a team of entrepreneurs who understand the needs & challenges of building and growing a successful business.