When it comes to growing and sustaining your business, juggling multiple loans can often feel overwhelming for owners. Refinancing and consolidating your debt can provide relief and give you the extra time you need to comfortably payback any outstanding balances. If you’re feeling financial pressure, below are a few reasons it may be time to re-evaluate your current loan situation.

Your Credit Score Has Significantly Improved

If your hard work has paid off and your credit score has rebounded after a brief falter, you may not be getting the best rate on your current loans. Keep regular tabs on your standing can help ensure that you are able to keep your rates in your favour.

You’re Struggling To Stay On Top Of Current Loans

As we said above, staying on top of multiple loans can be a hassle for business owners. For those looking to simplify, and potentially even reduce their monthly payments, refinancing may be a good fit.

You Need To Extend Your Repayment Deadline

If you’re feeling the crunch of your current deadlines, consolidating everything into a single channel can help buy time and reduce stress on your active cashflow by giving you a longer term to repay your debt.

You Can Get A Better Rate

This one is simple: if refinancing gives you the opportunity to lower your payments, a more ideal repayment schedule, and financial peace of mind…it’s definitely worth taking a closer look!

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